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Beefy Kushti Wrestler Washing Up

January 14, 2009 1 comment

Again, the awesome Jorge has directed me to this great educational and photo/video-filled blog about Kushti Wrestling: Kushti: Traditional Indian Wrestling.  According to the blog’s author:

The purpose of this blog is to raise awareness about the sport and give people inside and outside of India a glimpse of what it is like.

I will definitely be visiting it often.  And I will be returning for the articles and not the photos…  😉

Here’s my favorite post from the blog: Washing Up.


Chubby Kushti Wrestler From “Last Man Standing”

January 14, 2009 1 comment


I once posted about a short movie clip of Punjabi Kushti*.  I claimed it to be The Most Erotically-Charged 1:42 Minutes Of Your Life.  Well, how about we top it with The Most Erotically-Charged 2:19 Minutes Of Your Life?

Big thank you to Jorge for directing me to this fantastic video.

* Unfortunately, the video has been removed due to Terms Of Use violation…

Clip from BBC’s Last Man Standing










[BearPit] King Kong Fu

January 5, 2009 5 comments

king-kong-fu-006I’d be sporting a smile a mile-wide too if that was me
on top of the massively woofy bear…

Remember my barrage of collages of the woofy Shawn Murphy where there’s a particular focus on a specific body part?  Well, I’m at it again with one of my particular fetish.  This time the unfortunate victim of my specific attractions is with Shawn Murphy‘s King Kong Fu…















The following photos have nothing to do with BearPit (lol, I still can’t believe I’m calling it that), but it’s worth posting here as a companion piece for BearBeat…  ^_^




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Shawn Murphy Is King Kong Fu

January 5, 2009 4 comments


Shawn Murphy (MySpace page) appears to have a new wrestling persona and I completely approve with the new outfit.  Gone is the singlet and in its place is those sexy orange kung fu shorts.  Remember the real life dancing Kung Fu Panda from Chile?  Here we have the ever-woofy Mr. Murphy dancing and wrestling as — get ready for it — King Kong Fu

Unfortunately, to complete the “funky primate” persona,
a gorilla mask is worn over Mr. Murphy’s handsome face…  😦

A massively big hug to woofy bear Greg (owner of the Brotherhood of Bears Yahoo Group) for directing me to the sexy simian of Pro Wrestling Fusion.





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Ron Simmons: On Doom, Tag Teams, & The Sex Comparison

Here’s a great shoot interview with Mr. Ron Simmons.  In particular, these were my favorite bits:

Ron flexes both of his massive chest underneath that shirt.

About wrestling the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express
Aw, man, love ’em.  Aw, I used to love working with them.  It was the best to work with Ricky and Robert.  For one thing, youse got these good-looking white guys, right?  These two big black guys, right here, that are gonna beat up on these good-looking white guys.  You should see the look on some of the people’s faces around the ring.  And then they love them and watch them cry.  You know what I mean, and, actually get into that, and want to kill you for what you were doing.  It was, it was in a way, it was like, hey, they’re having sex to watch it, okay?  When you’re out there working with them  Love em.  Love every minute.  I would have worked with them every night if I could.

The above video is a match between Ron Simmons and Tommy Angel.  Ron completely dominated the match (which is a wrestling match I don’t tend to get interested in, as I tend to prefer seeing big guys get dominated).  Anyway, the only reason I chose that match is to compare his excited response about the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express from the previous video to this uneven match against a smaller wrestler.

So it comes full circle.  I found Mr. Simmons’ shoot interview — and especially the “sex” comparison — to be inherently erotic and arousing.  -_^

Make sure to also check out SDW Media’s Tag Teams DVDs which include Doom (Butch Reed/Ron Simmons).

Unknown Musclebear Pro-Wrestler

June 13, 2008 5 comments

I’ve googled that (it doesn’t exist anymore) and the photo’s name (“Stud Hammer”) with failed results.  Whether we find out his name or not, one thing’s for sure.  He’s smoking hot.

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Mr. Sexy Tyrone Holly

June 6, 2008 1 comment

I’m not sure if Mr. Sexy Tyrone Holly is still wrestling in the independent circuit.  So if there’s anybody out there who has further info on this sexy chub will surely be greatly appreciated.